Episode 1: Supplement Goals for 2018 and How to Properly Self-Experiment


The first episode of The Herbal Equivalent Podcast is focused on how you can help meet your 2018 goals using supplementation and functional foods, and how you can properly self-experiment with them. We introduce ourselves and cover some common supplements you can use for the top 2018 goals. Later on we discuss how you can go about using proper self-experimentation in order to assess whether or not a supplement is working for you. This episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify and you can check out the companion posts here and here.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and be sure to email us at info@theherbalequivalent.com with any questions or suggestions. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on our newest content. We also have a YouTube channel that we will post at intermittently, so be sure to check out our video content! Thanks for listening everyone and check out the time stamps below to jump to specific content.


Time stamps

0:00 - 2:23 Blake and Lindsay introduce themselves and The Herbal Equivalent Podcast. We talk about the purpose of the podcast and blog, and tell people how to reach us.

2:24 - 3:54 We generally discuss New Year resolution goals and how supplements may play a role in helping you achieve those goals. We touch on our initial thoughts about supplementation.

3:55 - 6:55 We introduce the top goals for 2018 and the category of functional foods as it relates to eating better.

6:56 - 12:15 How you can achieve your goal of eating better through the use of things like functional foods, herbs and spices, and probiotic containing foods.

12:16 - 19:02 The role of supplementation in improving sports performance and fitness.

19:03 - 22:54 How people can address chronic health issues.

22:55 - 28:59 Using supplements and habits to get better sleep.

29:00 - 34:06 Brain boosting supplements to enhance creativity and focus.

34:07 - 38:15 How to know if supplements are working for you and the role of attribution errors and the placebo effect.

38:16 - 47:08 The 6 steps to proper self-experimentation

47:09 - 48:26 Introduction of MCT oil as the next topic and outro.