Episode 4: The Truth About Sambucus and Oscillococcinum for the Flu


This episode tackles the viral (pun intended) post regarding elderberry and oscillococcinum for the flu. We also give you some other tips on keeping your immune system strong this season. If you've heard that this supplement combination is the best flu remedy, then you may be surprised at what we found! This episode can also be accessed through iTunes and Spotify.

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Time Stamps

0:00 - 4:05 Introduction of the topic of elderberry syrup, oscillococcinum, and immune boosters for the flu epidemic.

4:06 - 5:28 Description of elderberry, how it should be used, and precautions so that you don't poison yourself.

5:29 - 8:36 Review of the research on elderberry for the immune system and its use in viral infections like flu and colds.

8:37 - 12:00 Does oscillococcinum actually work? We also briefly give our view on homeopathic medicines and how it differs from herbal medicine.

12:01 - 13:36 Other immune supporting ingredients and our take on medicinal mushrooms for immune health.

13:37 - 14:57 Vitamin C as a supportive supplement and what the research says.

14:58 - 16:02 Echinacea and its immune boosting properties. 

16:03 - 16:54 Ginger and how it may actually inhibit the replication of respiratory viruses and provide general anti-inflammatory benefits for symptoms.

16:55 - 18:58 High vitamin D status in the blood and how it plays a role in immune health and reduction of the prevalence of flu. We also mention how vitamin A plays a role in supporting the immune system. 

18:59 - 20:00 Probiotics and how they work for immune health and how to get them in on a daily basis.

20:01 - 21:29 We discuss how getting proper sleep is one of the most important aspects of improving immune functioning.

21:30 - 23:17 Diet and its role in maintaining proper immune system health. Nutrition is almost as important as sleep!

23:18 - 24:12 Wrap up of the episode

24:13 - 26:02 Introduction of the next topic and outro.