Phosphorous is practically the only essential element of the body which does not have a deficiency state and supplements of phosphorous do not exist due to the impracticality of not consuming adequate amounts. It is also highly reactive and therefore a supplemental form would not make sense to take (as it would probably kill you). Phosphorous is found in the form of phosphates and is in practically all foods.


  • Component of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, your primary source of energy)
  • Structural component of bones and teeth
  • Required for the structure of various enzymes, DNA/RNA, and cell membranes
  • Proper pH regulation of the body

Primary deficiency symptoms and diseases

  • None - no cases of phosphorous deficiency have ever been recorded in medical history

Food Sources

Literally almost everything. It is next to impossible to be deficient in phosphorous unless you starve to death.


There is no need to supplement phosphorous at all. As long as you eat food and aren't dead, you will have enough phosphorous in your diet.

Who needs it most?

There is no concern for additional consumption of phosphorous.

Other tips

Don't worry about it, as we most likely won't ever write any more about this unexciting aspect of life!