Episode 2: MCT Oil: Does it Hack Your Health or Your Wallet?


In our first research review, we evaluate common claims about MCT oil and whether or not it can help you with things like fat loss, appetite reduction, and cognitive enhancement. You'll be surprised at how the evidence stacks up against the claims! We discuss the old and new research behind this popular coffee hack, so be sure to stay tuned to figure out if you should start using it. This episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify and you can check out the companion post here.

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Time Stamps

0:00 - 5:05 Blake and Lindsay introduce MCT Oil as the topic and list out the common claims made about the supplement.

5:06 - 11:13 Detailed description of MCTs, their history of usage, where they're derived from, and tips for finding a good quality supplement.

11:14 - 13:32 How MCTs affect fat loss, lean mass preservation while dieting, and help to reduce fat gain.

13:33 - 16:20 Ketone production from MCT oil and how long the fat burning benefits last during supplementation.

16:21 - 18:07 The research on increasing exercise performance with medium chain triglycerides.

18:08 - 21:32 Discussion on the potential antimicrobial actions for skin, gut and immune health.

21:33 - 23:58 How MCTs may benefit cognitive performance and mitigate some of the effects of neurodegeneration.

23:59 - 26:18 Appetite reduction and preloading to reduce hunger.

26:19 - 28:35 Safely cooking with MCT, where to use them and where not to use them.

28:36 - 31:29 Side effects, toxicity, and how to introduce the supplement into your regimen.

31:30 - 33:55 Other implications for MCT oil use like reducing blood sugar and triglyceride responses.

33:56 - 36:40 Wrapping up on our thoughts on the supplement.

36:41 - 38:57 Summary of the overall benefits and how the research stacks up against the claims.

38:58 - 40:22 Introduction of the next topic and outro.