EPISODE 6: Getting to know us: blake and lindsay's personal stories


In this special episode of The Herbal Equivalent, Blake and Lindsay share their personal journeys through the nutrition and supplementation fields and how they approach fitness and lifestyle. This episode can also be accessed through iTunes and Spotify and you can check out the companion blog posts for Blake, here and Lindsay, here.

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0:00 - 1:40 Introduction of the topic and what we'll be covering about ourselves.

1:41 - 7:23 Blake discusses how he got into the world of supplements and nutrition with a personal weight loss journey. He talks about going from a background of bodybuilding to more of a health oriented lifestyle and learning about herbal medicine.

7:24 - 11:19 Lindsay details her journey into the health, fitness and supplement worlds through talking about her background in athletics and how she came from disordered eating into a healthier place.

11:20 - 18:25 Lindsay details her dietary strategies to achieve optimal health and athletic performance. She went from a vegan diet for many years to paleo and keto experiments and finally ended up back at a healthy balance.

18:26 - 30:00 Blake talks about his diet and how it changed over time to end up at a paleo-esque eating style for zero bloating and the best exercise performance.

30:01 - 35:56 Blake's exercise regimen and his approach to using calisthenics and gymnastics for strength, longevity, and injury prevention. 

35:57 - 38:33 Lindsay's exercise regimen and how she is currently training for triathlons and some of her personal experiences with exercises for injury prevention.

38:34 - 42:40 Lindsay discusses what supplements she uses for health and exercise performance.

42:41 - 49:23 Blake talks about his supplement regimen and his experience with bunk supplements and dangerous ingredients he's taken in the past. He also discusses his general approach towards using supplements more as medicine.

49:24 - 53:35 Lindsay gives general tips on how people can make wiser dietary choices for themselves.

53:36 - 1:00:17 We give tips for incorporating exercise and having realistic expectations for body goals.

1:00:18 - 1:06:02 We talk about our general approach to supplements and how The Herbal Equivalent is meant to serve the public through supplement science education.

1:06:03 - 1:08:33 Introduction to the next topic and outro.