EPISODE 7: Chugging Chaga and researching reishi


In this episode we review the science on two popular medicinal mushrooms: chaga and reishi. Should you get on shrooms? Find out what we think about these interesting fungi.

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0:00 - 5:21 Introduction to the topic and our upfront thoughts on these mushrooms.

5:22 - 7:20 Descriptions of chaga and reishi and where they are found.

7:21 -10:14 The history of these mushrooms in medicinal practices in Eastern Europe, Russia, and in Chinese medicine.

10:15 - 11:40 Common claims about chaga and reishi.

11:41 - 15:45 Review of the research on chaga's ORAC and antioxidant capacity.

15:46 - 18:29 How chaga may have the potential to inhibit viruses and aid host immunity.

18:30 - 19:37 What the research shows about chaga's potential for cancer therapy.

19:38 - 21:19 The antioxidant activities of reishi mushroom and it's implications in health.

21:20 - 28:24 Review of the research on reishi in cancer, disease states, viruses, and how it helps keep the immune system regulated.

28:25 - 31:18 How reishi may aid sleep, reduce stress, and decrease fatigue.

31:19 - 34:00 The effects of reishi mushroom on liver health and how it may also help reduce elevated blood sugar levels.

34:01 - 37:00 Reishi and heart health benefits. 

37:01 - 41:08 Dosages for both mushrooms, and getting a good quality, dual-extracted supplement. 

41:09 - 42:20 Recapping the benefits of both mushrooms.

42:21 - 44:01 Side effect profiles, toxicity, and safety information. 

44:02 - 46:43 Other implications for their medicinal uses and future research guidance.

46:44 - 49:58 Blake and Lindsay's personal experiences with these mushrooms and how anecdotes may guide research.

49:59 - 52:48 Introduction of the next topic and outro.