Episode 9: Can DNA and Blood Tests Determine your nutrient needs?


This special episode of The Herbal Equivalent Podcast is a review of recent DNA and blood tests that Blake conducted on himself and how they may be applied to figuring out individual nutrition needs. This episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify and you can check out the companion blog post here.

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Time Stamps

0:00 - 4:02 Introduction and our thoughts overall on blood and DNA tests.

4:03 - 5:30 How DNA testing works and what genes are assessed.

5:31 - 8:09 Assessment of carbohydrate and fat tolerance.

8:10 - 8:57 Vitamin D needs based on receptor number.

8:58 - 10:54 How MTHFR mutations can alter folic acid and B12 needs.

10:55 - 12:01 Genes for metabolism of caffeine and alcohol.

12:02 - 13:38 Omega-3 needs based on genes for inflammation and a better test for omega-3.

13:39 - 14:57 Lactase persistence and how this test is completely inaccurate.

14:58 - 16:15 Antioxidant needs based on endogenous production.

16:16 - 17:54 How genetics may determine how well you adapt to different modes of exercise.

17:55 - 19:34 Sports injury risk based on genes for tendon issues.

19:35 - 20:30 Recovery ability and how other factors play more of a role than your genes.

20:31 - 22:31 Overall thoughts on DNA and blood tests in general after getting them done.

22:32 - 23:32 The faultiness of blood tests for vitamins and minerals.

23:33 - 26:57 Is it worth getting lab work and DNA tests done or to just self-experiment? How lifestyle plays a larger role than your genes and forming your diet based on your ancestry.

26:58 - 29:48 Insights gained by DNA testing and how it is simply a shortcut to experimenting.

29:49 - 31:04 Introduction of next topic and outro.