Episode 5: Boost Your Brain With Lion's Mane


Lion's mane mushroom shows promise for increasing brain functioning, supporting the immune system, and providing unique benefits for the nervous system. We review the available research and talk about the implications for future research. This episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify and you can check out the companion blog post here.

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0:00 - 4:16 Introduction of the topic of Lion's Mane and our initial thoughts on it.

4:17 - 7:04 Description of Lion's Mane and its history of use in culinary and medicinal practices.

7:05 - 7:25 Common claims and uses of this mushroom in the supplement industry.

7:26 - 12:14 How Lion's Mane may boost cognition and be a general brain supplement. We review the rat research on its implications in neurodegenerative diseases by regrowing nerve tissues.

12:15 - 15:35 We discuss the mechanisms for why this mushroom may help to stimulate the growth of nerve cells and provide general nervous system support.

15:36 - 18:29 Lion's mane and how it can provide benefits for mood and possibly for depression and anxiety.

18:30 - 20:46 The immune system supportive properties of lion's mane mushroom.

20:47 - 23:26 Other implications for the use of this supplement in medicine and how quality matters. 

23:27 - 26:22 Safety and toxicity profile.

26:23 -  27:29 Possible anti-obesity effects of lion's mane .

27:30 - 31:57 Blake discusses his personal story on how this mushroom helped him to heal nerve damage from an accident.

31:58 - 34:09 Testimony from a listener and other anecdotal reports. We also talk about the implications for the use of lion's mane in modern medicine.

34:10 - 35:35 Introduction of the next topic (your suggestion!) and outro.