EPISODE 8: Bone broth and collagen for next level health


Have you jumped on the bone broth and collagen bandwagon? Find out if the science really matches up to the claims in this episode of The Herbal Equivalent Podcast. This episode is also available on iTunes and Spotify and you can check out the companion post here.

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0:00 - 7:39 Introduction to the topic and our initial thoughts on bone broth and collagen. 

7:40 - 13:00 Description of these two supplements and their history of use.

13:00 - 14:47 Unique attributes to collagen like the high glycine content and the common claims about it and bone broth.

14:48 - 20:00 UC-II collagen and its researched benefits for joint health.

20:01 - 22:50 How collagen peptides are absorbed and shuttled to different areas of the body and the difference between types of collagen supplements.

22:01 - 27:12 Skin health benefits of collagen and how it may mitigate skin damage and increase elasticity.

27:13 - 29:12 The benefits of collagen for bone density.

29:13 - 31:31 How bone broth and collagen may be useful for gut healing protocols and mitigating gut damage.

31:32 - 33:38 How the high glycine content of these supplements may help to aid sleep and relaxation.

33:39 - 36:28 Methionine and glycine balance - how collagen plays a role in overall health by increasing blood glycine levels.

36:29 - 38:34 Dosage considerations and making sure your collagen supplement works.

38:35 - 43:18 Other implications for collagen supplementation not commonly discussed.

43:19 - 45:07 Side effects and safety profile.

45:08 - 49:20 Implications for future research and making a good quality broth. Blake and Lindsay talk about their experiences.

49:21 - 52:56 Overall thoughts, introduction to the next topic and outro.