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5 Ways That You Can Instantly Improve Your Workouts

Want to know how to get a kickass workout today? Want to ditch the chemical filled pre-workout supplements and use your own mind to get the results you want? We have found 5 psychological tricks or “workout hacks” to help improve your exercise performance immediately - no caffeine, chemicals, or stimulants required! Get your mind ready, as a few of these tricks will require some degree of concentration, but you’ll be guaranteed to see results almost instantly.

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Lion's Mane for Cognition and Nerve Support

Lion’s mane mushroom has grown steadily in popularity recently as more people are becoming aware of its purported benefits. New companies are springing up with different mushroom supplements and existing supplement companies have begun to bring new products to the market. I normally wouldn’t begin a research review with a personal anecdote, but I’d like to emphasize that I probably never would have looked much more into the medicinal powers of mushrooms had it not been for my experience with lion’s mane.

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Turmeric: The Medicinal Wonder Spice

The market for turmeric has exploded over the past few years as both a supplement and food ingredient. At The Herbal Equivalent, we find it fascinating the amount of research that’s been conducted on turmeric for a host of different applications, and that it’s only recently caught on in the western world despite it having roots in ancient medicinal practices for a few thousand years.

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