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5 Ways That You Can Instantly Improve Your Workouts

Want to know how to get a kickass workout today? Want to ditch the chemical filled pre-workout supplements and use your own mind to get the results you want? We have found 5 psychological tricks or “workout hacks” to help improve your exercise performance immediately - no caffeine, chemicals, or stimulants required! Get your mind ready, as a few of these tricks will require some degree of concentration, but you’ll be guaranteed to see results almost instantly.

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How Does Magnesium Supplementation Benefit You?

Why has magnesium gotten so popular recently? Perhaps you’ve heard that a magnesium deficiency is the reason you feel like crap all the time. Maybe you heard that a magnesium supplement may help alleviate anxiety, depression, muscle cramps, lower your blood pressure, and heal all sorts of health ailments because health gurus have been jumping on the bandwagon.

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