About The Herbal Equivalent

The Herbal Equivalent started with two people who have a passion for nutrition and supplementation. Blake's idea came from the overabundance of misinformation spread like wildfires on social media, podcasts, and blogs. Too many "health gurus" use half baked science to draw erroneous conclusions and promise you results that often end up falling short, so we set out to change that.

Understanding science isn't as simple as reading an abstract and catchy title, inserting a citation and then having "proof" for your claims. That's why we bring you over 20 years of experience in the field of supplements and functional foods with an emphasis on diving deeper than face value into the research.

However, H Equals is not simply here to critique the common health claims of the supplement world. We are also here to validate the real beneficial effects of herbs and functional foods. Our name stems from the ability of natural substances to have effects similar or equal to the effects of modern medicine. In case you didn't already know, many pharmaceuticals are derived from plants, fungi, and other natural sources.

We believe that health change can happen with proper nutrition and that many ailments can benefit from having some form of natural supplementation, but we want to only rely on clinically validated results in real humans.

The times are changing and people are waking up to the reality that our current methods of health care practices are not sustainable for human health, longevity, and overall quality of life. Join us on our journey for the truth by following our blog and podcast, and always remember that H Equals Health.

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